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About the Album

Megan Hamilton finds joy in music. Hamilton has released four recordings and is about to unleash her fifth – Forty Warm Streams to Lead Your Wings, a full-length piece produced by Jim Bryson (Kathleen Edwards, Oh Susanna).

Recorded over several months with many highway miles logged between Kingston and Ottawa, Streams demonstrates a step forward in pop sensibilities, a reuniting with dreamy reverb, and a little bit of the unexpected.

This is Hamilton’s second release with Ottawa dreamboat Jim Bryson; on Snow Moon, a three-song EP released in 2013, the two worked together for the first time, forging a strong relationship. Streams pushes Hamilton’s boundaries in ways that both naturally follow her trajectory of releases since 2006, and infuse honesty into her work.

On Streams, Hamilton examines life in her fifth decade; what it’s like to be married and to be a mom, but still want to play music until two in the morning, with the 6am wake up the morning after.

Hamilton has toured across Canada from Newfoundland to BC. She’s played in Kentucky, Alabama and Texas. With a solid and dedicated fanbase bolstering media support along the way, she’s played countless festivals and opened for some of her favourite bands including Pink Mountaintops, Shotgun Jimmie, The Wilderness of Manitoba, and most outrageously My Morning Jacket.

Streams is Hamilton at her most honest, exploring themes in a more raw and jagged manner while alternately smoothing out the creases. Her voice is the strongest it’s ever been both physically and metaphorically - working towards an honesty that is ever-reaching.